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1.  Significantly Cheaper Rates With Higher Quality and Attention

Typical patent drafting, management, and consulting services in conventional law firms incur $400~$600 / hour.  One utility patent drafting and filing typically cost a client $12,000 or more.  With a low-overhead cost structure, we charge significantly cheaper hourly rates or a low flat rate.  

We also draft patent applications by only using licensed patent professionals who have passed the US Patent Bar. We do not "farm out" patent drafting work to unlicensed individuals. Equally important, we only take a limited number of cases at any given time for maximum and tailored attention to each client. Our numerous stellar client references - including Ph.D's and industry veterans - serve as a living proof that we are exceptionally good at what we do.

2. Seasoned and Unique Experience in Intellectual Property Management

Invent Capture is founded by Samuel Cho, an experienced IP professional who has more than 20 years of experience in both corporate and law firm environments, specifically for intellectual property management.  Samuel's experience ranges from patent prosecution, licensing support, patent valuation consulting, and patent infringement detection. He has worked in IP management departments of Fortune 500 blue chip firms, startup and patent analysis consulting firms, and patent law firms.  Samuel is a highly-regarded professional in intellectual property management on objective measures. For instance, Samuel received the highest Relative Performance Assessment rating (RPA) from Motorola's Intellectual Property Licensing Department, which placed him in top 10 % of all employees at Motorola.  He is also a licensed US patent agent with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

3. Proficiency in Korean and General In-Depth Knowledge of East Asian Economy

Invent Capture's CEO & Founder, Samuel Cho, is proficient in English and Korean not only in general speaking and writing, but also in technical and patent-related terminologies for both languages.  With his work experience in intellectual property departments of US and South Korean companies, he has a profound understanding of American and East Asian intellectual property management practice.  These experiences enable clients to tailor their global patent strategies differently in the United States and East Asian countries.  He is also able to work with Korean clients in Korean for English-based patent filings, patent infringement detection, IP monetization, and licensing negotiations.

Samuel Cho is a graduate of Stanford University with a BS in Computer Systems Engineering and a BA in History with High Honors. He is a US citizen who was an AT&T Asia-Pacific Leadership Scholar at Stanford on behalf of South Korea, prior to becoming the US citizen. Samuel is also a Weter Prize winner for his first-place honors thesis at Stanford, which was nominated by a committee of honors program thesis evaluation professors at Stanford University.

Invent Capture has excellent client referrals available, and many clients like our firm's services so much that they do not take much time to become repeat clients.

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