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1. Patent Drafting and Prosecution

Invent Capture provides patent drafting and prosecution services for clients.  Typically, we file patent applications with United States Patent & Trademark Office for national or PCT national-stage applications.  We put great care into each patent application and only handle a limited number of cases at any given time for maximum detail and attention. 

We are also more cost effective with lower billing rates than a conventional patent law firm.

We are focused on working with both corporate and individual clients. We are capable of prosecuting patent applications in the fields of electrical, software, chemical, mechanical, biotechnology, and business method inventions.

2. Patent Acquirability and Sales Analysis

Invent Capture is capable of analyzing individual patents or patent portfolio groups which are targeted for sale or acquisition.  Invent Capture's founder, Samuel Cho, has significant experiences in patent analysis.  Samuel began his career in intellectual property at Motorola, Inc., where he was responsible for analysis and monetization of registered Motorola systems and software patents. For projects that have substantially contributed to Motorola's successful IP licensing and monetization efforts, Samuel received the highest relative performance assessment at Motorola for his exceptional performance and quality of work for a multiple number of years. He also has startup, law firm, and professional patent analysis consulting experiences.

3. Patent Infringement Detection and Analysis

Invent Capture also provides patent infringement analysis services.  The firm is capable of analyzing a patent or a portfolio of patents to construct a case for patent infringement by competitors.  This infringement case construction is achieved by using either internal or external reverse engineering services and generating claim charts against a competitor's product.